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Basic WordPress Site Management


Annual WordPress Site Management: Secure, update, and optimize your website all year round without lifting a finger.

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WordPress Site Management:

“Managing a WordPress Site” is a comprehensive service designed for those who wish to ensure their website remains up-to-date, secure, and fully optimized without the need to personally handle the technicalities. Opting for our annual package means that for an entire year, your website will be in the hands of dedicated professionals.

Our service covers everything from the day-to-day running of your site to more complex maintenance tasks. We’ll keep your site’s core, themes, and plugins updated to the latest versions, which is crucial not only for features and performance but also for security. Speaking of security, we’ll implement robust measures to protect your site from malware and breaches, conducting regular scans and immediate clean-ups if necessary.

Speed optimization is also a cornerstone of our offering. We understand that a fast-loading site is essential for user experience and SEO ranking. Hence, we’ll continuously monitor and tweak your website’s performance, ensuring rapid page load times.

Content is king, and with our service, you’ll have support in publishing and managing it. Whether it’s regular blog posts, product updates, or page revisions, we handle the backend work so your content shines on the front end. Plus, we provide regular backups, so your data is always safe and recoverable in case of any eventuality.

Additionally, our service includes SEO monitoring to aid your site’s visibility on search engines. We’ll also provide detailed monthly reports on your website’s performance, visitor statistics, and the work we’ve done, so you’re always in the loop.

Choose our “WordPress Site Management” annual service and focus on growing your business, while we ensure your website remains a robust, secure, and efficient tool for your success.

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